Secure sharing made simple.

Secure by design

Built on a permissioned distributed ledger, we offer an immutable record of all file activity, with no single point of failure.

Smart sharing

HyperVault offers smart sharing features such as scheduled access and programmatically-triggered access control.

Flexible implementation

We are a platform-agnostic access control layer that can enhance your existing cloud storage. Your server, your rules.

Our Vision

In 2018 alone, data breaches compromised over 5 billion records, revealing a lack of effective solutions for securely managing sensitive data on a corporate scale. Businesses often share confidential documents by email, placing immense trust in system administrators and cloud providers. HyperVault is a flexible, decentralised access-control system that allows for granular control of permissions and smart sharing features.

We believe that file access-sharing should be:


If a file is shared in confidence, it should stay that way. The system should make the effects of human error negligible, and malicious behaviour manageable.


Insecure technologies are used because they are simple and easy. To make security the norm, all technological complexity must be abstracted away.


Access-control shouldn't be a one-time deal, it should be possible to give it and revoke it in a dynamic, intelligent way.

Our Tech


Using Hyperledger Fabric, a permissioned blockchain maintained by the Linux Foundation, we offer a truly immutable record of all activities and ultra-secure access control.


With industrial-grade RSA in conjuction with the modern threshhold proxy re-encryption (PRE) scheme, no single party, even your sysadmins, can bypass our access control layer.


Powered by a permissioned ledger, as opposed to a public ledger, our system enables privacy via cryptographically secure pseudonymisation and private channels.


Our modular design, leveraging the architecture of the Hyperledger Fabric smart contract engine, makes HyperVault flexible enough to suit the needs of any client.


Despite our highly secure system design, we offer a white-label user experience that is intuitive and elegant. Usability matters.

Meet the team

We have significant experience in fintech, distributed ledger technology, and software development. We are committed to bringing security and auditability to enterprises through HyperVault.

Andrew Ramsay

Co-Founder / CEO

Li Xi

Founder / CTO

Robert Martin